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致四十歲以後的你 For You in Your 40s

I read this from a Chinese blog and think it’s awesome. Posting it here translated to share with you all.

1) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:在愛的世界裏,沒有誰對不起誰,只有誰不懂得珍惜誰。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: in matters of love there is no who’s at fault with whom, only who didn’t know how to cherish whom.

2) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:不要因為寂寞愛錯人,更不要因為愛錯人而更加寂寞了。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: don’t love the wrong person because you were lonely, but more importantly, don’t make yourself more lonely because you loved the wrong person.

3) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:有個懂你的人,是最大的幸福,沒有懂你的人,就自己懂自己。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: the greatest blessing is to have someone who gets you, if you don’t, be the one who gets and understands yourself.

4) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:好朋友是應該相互欣賞的,而不是相互利用的。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: good friends are to be mutually admired and appreciated, not used.

5) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:飯 應一口一口吃,事要一點一點做。沒有一蹴而就的事情,凡事都有個過程。不要整日疲於奔命,應該活得從容。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: meals should be taken one mouthful at a time, and work done one task at a time. Things are not accomplished instantaneously, everything has a process. Don’t exhaust yourself all day with too much work. Live leisurely.

6) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:光從容還是不夠的,適當的時候還是要秀一下自己,讓平淡的日子亮起來。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: being leisurely is not enough. At the right moment you need to show off a bit to brighten up your regular days.

7) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:任何事物都具有兩重性,有時候甚至沒有對錯。您以為錯的,在別人看來或 許是對的。而您竭盡全力為之奮鬥的,卻很有可能正是別人擺脫和拋棄的。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: there are two sides to everything. Sometimes there is no right or wrong. Things you think is wrong can be right in some other people’s eyes. And the thing you made every effort to strive for can most probably be something someone else is trying to get rid of or discard.

8) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:生活質量的優劣,完全取決於自己的心態。珍饈美味、杯晃交錯間如果掩映的是爾虞我詐,則遠不如“三五知己坐,淡茶話家常。”
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: quality of living is completely dependent on your own attitude and mentality. If intrigue and backstabbing is shadowed behind delicacy and great wine, it is far better to sit with a few good friends with a cup of plain tea talking about mundane daily living.

9) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:親情的疏離是切膚的傷痛。淡一些、諒 一些、忍一些,會使我們的心寬一 些、和一些、暖一些。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: the pain of alienating loved ones is like cutting your own flesh. Loosen up a little, be a little more considerate and patient, can make our hearts a little bit wider, warmer and more peaceful.

10) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:對待父母再不可做薄養厚葬的傻事了, 他們那一輩人受的磨礪太多了,善待他們就是善待我們的良心。其實大多的時候他們根本就不需要你的榮華, 每周打1個電話或問他們一個年輕時的故事,然後耐心地聽他們講完,他們就很知足了。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: with your parents, don’t be silly in giving them an expensive funeral while neglecting them while they are living. They have suffered much all their lives for you, so treating them well is well treating your own conscience. Most of the time they don’t need much from you. A phone call a week or ask them a story of their youth and patiently listen to them finish is enough for them.

11) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:地位和榮譽只不過是一個杯子,而您的修養和品性才是你杯中的東西。夜光杯中未必盛的就是葡萄美酒,也可能是一杯濁水。粗瓷盞裏未見得就是白開水,很可能悶的是一盞極品龍井。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: status and honor is but a cup, your temperament and character is the stuff inside the cup. A luminescent jade cup may not hold wine but feculent water. A coarse porcelain cup may not simply hold water, it can possibly hold the best Longjing tea.

12) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:事業有成時要珍惜自己的身體,事業無成時要讓自己更健康。
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: you need to cherish your body when your career is successful, even if not, you have be make yourself even more healthy.

13) 如果你四十幾歲了,就該明白:您的生活應該是淡定、從容、健康而幸福!
If you are 40 something, you should understand that: your life should be calm, leisurely, healthy and happy!

Whereby dedicate this article to all the 40 something who’d, once in their youth, frivolously wasted their years and over-drafted their youth!

"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us."

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Insect eggs: Julia Heliconian Butterfly 

In the top photo you can see an egg of the commonly named Julia Heliconian, Dryas iulia (Nymphalidae), perched on the tendril of a Passiflora plant. The second photo shows an adult of this species.

Like most other Heliconiines, the Julia Heliconian lays it’s eggs on Passiflora (Passion flower). There has been a great deal of study into the relationship between these plants and Heliconiine butterflies, which strongly suggests they they co-evolved.

There is a constant evolutionary battle in which the plants try to defend themselves from the butterflies. Some Passiflora vines produce false stipules at the base of leaf stems, that induce egg laying by certain Heliconiinae species. A day or two later the stipules drop off, carrying the eggs with them. Eggs which fall to the ground probably get eaten by ants, but even if they survive, the resulting larvae will starve. Certain other Passiflora vines produce tiny tubercules on the stipules that mimic Heliconiine eggs. Any butterfly visiting the plant sees the false eggs, is misled into thinking that the plant is already overladen with eggs, and is consequently inhibited from ovipositing.

The dazzling orange Dryas iulia is widespread and common in the southern United States, Central America and much of the Caribbean, and occurs throughout all of the tropical and subtropical areas of South America.

Technique (egg): Colored Scanning Electron Microscope image.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: [Top: ©Martin Oeggerli] - [Bottom: ©Richard Stickney | Locality: Surinam, at the NC Museum of Life & Science, Durham, North Carolina, US, 2013]

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"Get yourself out of the way, and let joy have more space."

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"To those who abuse: the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest."

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Life finds a way.

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Life finds a way.


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